Baptist Mission Centers Houston

Description: Three Mission Centers have opportunities for ministry in areas of Food & Clothing Distribution, Prayer Walks, Kids Clubs, Crafts, ESL Classes, Yard Work, and Evangelism.
When: June 16 – 24, 2008
Where: Houston, Texas: Fletcher Center, Gano Center, Joy Fellowship Center.
Organization: Baptist Mission Centers
Contact: Ginger Smith, Executive Director. 713.227.0304.
Links: BMC Houston Summer Volunteer Group Info (pdf),

City Church Amarillo

Description: Ministering to mainly children and youth in the neighborhoods of Amarillo. City Kids café serves over 1000 lunches per day in the Summer, Mon – Thurs. They also provide recreation, music, crafts and the Gospel message of Jesus.
When: June 2 – August 1, 2008
Where: Amarillo, Texas
Organization: City Church Amarillo
Contact: Don Lane, Executive Director. 806.371.0089,
Links: City Church Amarillo Needs (pdf),

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Description: Ministries include Kids Day Camp, Back Yard Bible Clubs, Multi Housing Ministries, Home Repairs, Homeless Ministry, Elementary School Beautification and Back To School Block Parties.
When: June 2 – August 16, 2008
Where: Dallas, Texas
Organization: Cornerstone Baptist Church
Contact: Chris Simmons, Pastor. 214.426.5486 or 214.426.0190.
Links: Cornerstone Summer Missions Needs (pdf),

Dallas Baptist Association

Description: 21 plus Ministry Centers and Churches need volunteers in areas of ministry such as Back Yard Bible Clubs, VBS, Medical, Prison Re-Entry, Food, Clothing, Truck Stops, After School and much more.
When: June 2 – August 16, 2008 and ongoing.
Where: Dallas, Texas
Organization: (See Links to download list)
Contact: Scott Coleman or Jana Jackson, 214.319.1157, 214.324.2803
Links: DBA Service Locations (pdf),

El Paso Baptist Association

Description: 5 Churches have identified areas of ministry that are in need of volunteers. Ministries include: VBS, Construction Projects, Food and Clothing Ministries, and Evangelism opportunities.
When: June 2 – August 30, 2008
Where: El Paso, Texas
Organization: (See Links to download list)
Contact: Joshua Benson, Ministry Assistant. 915.544.8671
Links: Summer Missions Opportunities (pdf)

Mission Arlington

Description: Mission Arlington hosts health fairs, crime watch socials, neighborhood cookouts, back-to-school parties, day camps, and a multitude of other events. Groups help these events happen by painting faces, grilling hot dogs, knocking on doors, driving buses, and fulfilling every other role imaginable.
When: June 2 – August 30, 2008
Where: Arlington, Texas
Organization: (Multiple)
Contact: Jim Burgin or Tillie Burgin, 817.277.6620

Mission Brenham

Description: Mission Brenham conducts a Summer long camp for Children and Youth. They need volunteers to serve as Counselors, Chaperones, and Prayer Partners. Hosting dinner for the staff of volunteers is also a need.
When: June 2 – August 30, 2008
Where: Brenham, Texas
Organization: Mission Brenham
Contact: Marcus Lawhorn or Marissa Doggett, 972.251.4447 or 972.421.3977.
Links: Mission Brenham Volunteer Opportunities (pdf)

Golden Triangle

Description: Volunteer Opportunities exist at the Youth Transition Center, Shepherds Inn minister to families of those incarcerated.
When: June 16 – July 24, 2008
Where: Beaumont, Texas
Organization: Golden Triangle Association
Contact: Dion Ainsworth, 713.227.0304

Rio Grande Valley Baptist Association

Description: 36 Ministry Opportunities on this side of the border involving VBS, Construction, Evangelism, Backyard Bible Clubs and more have been identified. 50 similar opportunities in North De Tamaulipas across the border exist and need volunteers.
When: June 2 – August 30, 2008
Where: Rio Grande Valley, North Tamaulipas Mexico
Organization: Rio Grande Valley Baptist Association
Contact: Vanessa Quintanilla: 956.968.3161 or Juan Lambarria: 956.222.7881
Links: Rio Grande Valley Needs (pdf) North Tamaulipas Mexico Needs (pdf)

Mission Waco

Description: Ministry opportunities and experiences are across the board ranging from tutoring, construction, ministering to the homeless, job training and more. Opportunities to minister to Children, Youth and Adults. See list for more details.
When: June 2 – August 30, 2008
Where: Waco, Texas
Organization: Mission Waco
Contact: Jimmy Dorrell, Executive Director. 254.753.4900 x230
Links: Mission Waco Needs (pdf),


1 Response to “Missions Opportunities”

  1. 1 Juan F Pacheco May 27, 2008 at 1:48 am

    I send the information about coordination of misionary groups when comte to El Paso, Im. Juan F Pacheco and Im coordinator of BGCT under River Ministry when you or another group come to El Paso pleace call my and I hellpyou. We need groups for lithe construccion Vbs. Evangelism. or Church Statin. pleas involve my in your list to contact person for El Paso tankyou.
    My information is.
    Juan F. Pacheco
    915-526-9728 or 915-544-8671
    Tankyou again.

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